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Jehovah’s witnesses elders control and rule over the members with their secret book of justice, which even Jehovah and Jesus do not know about. Ecclesiastes 8:9 Read the Jehovah’s witnesses Elder Book in this pdf file.

Jehovah’s witnesses governing body and the elders. Think about this carefully: None of you experience what you are putting other people through. Watchtower, July 2013 Acts 17:11 Matthew 7:15, 20 The Bible warns against trusting people. Psalm 146:3, 4 Isaiah 2:22

The governing body and elders in the congregations do not forget and do not forgive the sins of jw members. They store it in their confidential archive in the congregations and in a database. The elders use saved personal information about jw members on a later occasion to check on them and to remind them that they are being monitored. This is a clear contrast to Jehovah who forgives and forgets the sins of his worshippers. John 8:47 2 John 9

The God of the Bible does not keep his book – THE BIBLE – hidden from anyone, so why must the Jehovah’s witnesses’ governing body and the elders have a secret internal justice book (Shepherd the flock of God)? When Jehovah’s witnesses practice secrecy, they confirm that they are not the true religion. True religion practices no secrecy. (paragraph 8 from the top)

STUDY WITH JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. The Elder Book should be the first book you study with Jehovah’s witnesses, so that you get an understanding of how the Jehovah’s witnesses’ power elite treat their members. The elders will possibly deny that there is any elder book or say that it is confidential, or give no answer. But the oldest book exists. You should therefore have your own copy. Contact Jehovah’s witnesses and order the elders’ book: Shepherds the flock of God (sfl-N) The governing body and the elders exercise a dictatorship and a harsh and sharp internal justice against the members. The elders book is so secret that it does not exist and even Jehovah and Jesus do not know about the elders book. ORDER THE BOOK Contact Jehovah’s witnesses and order the book: Shepherd the Flock of God (sfl-E) and read it for your benefit.

If Jehovah’s witnesses governing body or anybody else mean that what is written on this page is wrong, bear witness about the wrong. John 18:23

Contact Jehovah’s witnesses.

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