Politically active via lobbying

Jehovah’s witnesses claim to be politically neutral and that they have growth, but this is exposed as lies.

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Jehovah’s witnesses, governing body

Jehovah’s witnesses are politically active
2023 service year

I am not afraid to address this letter to each member of Jehovah’s witnesses governing body and to every brother and sister at Jehovah’s witnesses Headquarters. I protect myself from lies, hypocrisy and false doctrine from Jehovah’s witnesses governing body by exposing them, as I do in this letter. – Acts 17:11

It is proven that Jehovah’s witnesses are politically active in lybbying so the governing body lie when you teach that we are politically neutral. Refer to: Jehovah’s witnesses are politically active

Remember that I have exposed Jehovah’s witnesses power elite in lies, hypocrisy and false teaching for some time now. You and I know that jw.org is subject to 100% information control dictated by Jehovah’s witnesses governing body, so that the governing body can hide whatever they want from the members and from the public.

IMPORTANT NUMBERS – 2023 service year
We see from the annual report that Jehovah’s witnesses lie with numbers and are not supported by God (Jehovah). The numbers show that Jehovah’s witnesses are in decline and have been for years. Jehovah’s witnesses who choose lie cannot stand the real truth presented in IMPORTANT NUMBERS – John 8:44 Revelation 21:8 Acts 17:11 The numbers in the charts don’t lie, but tells you the truth. John 8:45 Jehovah’s witnesses has no growth. Numbers don’t lie, but the governing body lie with numbers.

Jehovah does not support any organization that base their worship on lies, hypocrisy and false doctrine. Jehovah’s witnesses governing body prove with its lies, hypocrisy and false doctrine that you do not speak for Jehovah. – Proverbs 6:16-19 John 8:44, 45 Rev 21:8 Acts 17:11

If Jehovah’s witnesses governing body mean that what I have written in this letter is wrong, bear witness about the wrong. John 18:23 Shame on you.

Kind regards,
Trond Jacobsen
Brother in Moss congregation

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