Loss of state funds and deregistration as a religion in Norway

Loss of state funds and deregistration as a religion in Norway. Also read it in this pdf

Will Jehovah’s witnesses governing body pay the total amount of NOK 1,381,756 (About 129,000 US Dollars) in legal costs after the legal loss against the State Administrator in Oslo and Viken which was announced on Monday 04.03.24, with members’ imposed contribution via resolutions with Jehovah’s witnesses’ hidden economy in the stock market or with Jehovah’s witnesses’ real estate money?

All baptized Jehovah’s witnesses have the right to know with which money the governing body will pay the legal cost. I requests the Jehovah’s witnesses governing body respond immediately with a written Bible-based answer to this letter.

You already have my postal address for you to send your written bible-based answer to this letter.

KEEP ON THE WATCH! When you remain silent and refuse to answer my letters, you confirm that what I write is true.

If Jehovah’s witnesses governing body or anybody else mean that what is written in this letter is wrong, bear witness about the wrong. John 18:23

Trond Jacobsen
Moss congregation

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