Lobbying, Jehovah’s witnesses

The receipt in this pdf-file from Lobbyist Officer Michael Denkensohn proves that of Jehovah’s vitnesses governing body used USD 59,880 on lobby. The governing body are caught red-handed in lies, hypocrisy and false teaching about their lobby. They claim in this article from jw.org that they do not lobby. The receipt proof different.

Lobby is a form of corruption for the purpose of influencing politicians to make decisions that should not be made. Jehovah’s witnesses governing body show themselves to be active and engaged in politics when they do lobby. They therefore do not follow what Jesus said in John 17:16 but is part of satan’s world. Matthew 7:15, 20 Jehovah’s witnesses governing body are involved in politics as other religions. Lobbying is also abuse of members donated money.

People are tired of corrupt politicians and corrupt religious leaders like Jehovah’s witnesses governing body when envolve themself in politics via lobbying. It is not wisdom to blindly trust others, no matter who they are. Matthew 7:15, 20

Would Jehovah and Jesus Christ spend close to 60,000 US Dollar to influence politicians in satan’s world? The governing body are therefore caught red-handed in hypocrisy, lying, and engaging in politics. How much money does the governing body actually use on lobby? The governing body and the elders is not led by God (Jehovah).

Jehovah, Jesus and satan are watching you governing body members 24/7.

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