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March 4, 2024. Conclusion of judgment in Oslo District Court. Jehovah’s witnesses lost the case against the State Administrator. Jehovah’s witnesses must pay NOK 1,140,505 in legal costs. (Approx USD 109,000) Total cost sow far for Jehovah’s witnesses court case is NOK 1,381,756 (About 129,000 US Dollars) Read a letter in this link on jwpsa about with what money the governing body will pay the money .

28.03.24. Jehovah’s witnesses are appealing the verdict from the Oslo District Court. Jehovah’s witnesses is lying when they use the scripture 1 Timothy 2:1, 2 in the article about the matter in this link from Question: Is it complete godliness and sincerity of Jehovah’s witnesses to make money from war, sex, entertainment, drugs, social media, etc., to address children as enemies of God, to teach falsely about their overlapping 1914 generation, use a picture of the porn star Pascale Petit in the paradise book? Read more here at about the revelations of Jehovah’s witnesses.

Jehovah’s witnesses are often exposed as liars, and therefore show that they have satan as their God. John 8:44 Revelation 21:8 Jehovah’s witnesses does not know that Jehovah hates liars. Proverbs 6:16-19 Jehovah’s witnesses show by their lies that they are part of satan’s world.

Click on the photo and hear David Splane confirms that Jehovah’s witnesses has satan as their God.

Click on the photo and hear Gajus Glockentin.

Geoffrey William Jackson in Jehovah’s witnesses governing body lied under oath to the Royal Commission Hearing in Australia and will have the same future as satan and the others mentioned in these verses. John 8:44 Revelation 21:8

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