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Invitation to readers on jwpsa.com

Jehovah’s witnesses: Earth’s most fragile belief system. Anybody who question Jehovah’s witnesses’ teachings is silenced by the governing body and she elders. Everyone who can is invited to write physical letters to Jehovah’s witnesses about what you read on jwpsa.com and about your own questions. The spiritual qualifications of Jehovah’s witnesses’ governing body and the elders are being questioned. Therefore write letters to Jehovah’s witnesses and ask for written answers to your personal question to jw and to each page on jwpsa.com. Please send one question in each letter. Mail all letters to Jehovah’s witnesses the same day. Please invite others to do the same.

You should also ask for answers to these two questions:

  1. Is Jehovah’s witnesses’ letter-writing campaign to the Russian Government in 2017, the real reason why Jehovah’s witnesses are banned in Russia?
  2. Would Jehovah and Jesus Christ do letter-writing campaigns to any government in satan’s world?

Request Jehovah’s witnesses to verify their answers with scriptures from God’s Word the Bible.

In this link you will see that Jehovah’s witnesses enjoy letter writing campaigns and the governing body encourages its members to participate. Jehovah’s witnesses enjoy letter-writing campaigns and should looking forward to receiving thousands of letters with questions from readers of – jwpsa.com.

Contact Jehovah’s witnesses.

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