Stock portfolio, Jehovah’s witnesses

JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES STOCK PORTFOLIO, read it in this pdf-file. Henrietta M. Riley Trust for Watch Tower Bible. Scroll almost to the bottom of the page until you see – Investment Portfolio Summary and then Account Statement.

Some of Jehovah’s witnesses shares in the weapon industry

Jehovah’s witnesses – som other shares

  • Molson Coors Brewing Co. 90 000 aksjer (alcohol production)
  • Walt Disney, 100 000 shares (entertainment)
  • Lionsgate Entertainment Corp. 170 000 shares
  • Time Warner Inc. 80 000 shares (owner of cinemax softcore porn)
  • Facebook 140 000 (Warning about social media)
  • Monsanto Co. 40 000 shares, Genetic engineering of food (GMO)
  • Pfizer Inc. 330 000 shares, (Pharmaceutical industry)
  • Microsoft, 100 000 shares

Jehovah’s witnesses are partly responsible for innocent children, mothers, the elderly and others get killed on the altar of war, so they can chase after money. 1 Timothy 6:10, 11 Jehovah’s witnesses show themselves not to worship Jehovah, when they love money so much so they must profit from war and other evil in satans world. Jehovah’s witnesses stock portfolio in satan’s world is not in accordance with God’s Word the Bible. Jehovah’s witnesses must have blood guilt?

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Paradise on earth. How can Jehovah’s witnesses preach about paradise on earth, and at the same time make money from war, sex, pharma, social media etc., in satan’s world? Would Jehovah and Jesus Christ invest in this and support satan’s world? The answer is no. Why does Jehovah’s witnesses governing body and the elders keep this hidden from its members?

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