Jehovah’s witnesses must repay my contributions over 31 years

Trond Jacobsen has paid an average of 500 Norwegian kroner (NOK) per monthly in monetary contributions for 31 years to Jehovah’s witnesses. It has been revealed that the money was paid on an unbiblical basis. Therefore, Jehovah’s witnesses are required to repay the money in full, plus interest.

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Jehovah’s witnesses
Avdelingskontoret i Skandinavia
Stenhusvej 28
DK-4700 Holbæk

Jehovah’s witnesses must repay my contributions over 31 years.

By referring to Jehovah’s witnesses’ own literature and website and some public documents, I, Trond Jacobsen, have exposed Jehovah’s witnesses to lies, hypocrisy and false teaching. My letters and e-mails to the branch office of Jehovah’s witnesses in Scandinavia in Denmark and to the headquarters in the USA confirm this. I also refer to the website which is a powerful website that expose the truth about the power elite in Jehovah’s witnesses which is the governing body and the elders. I have therefore paid monetary contributions to Jehovah’s witnesses on the wrong basis for 31 years. It is shameful for a so-called “true religion” to lie, hypocrisy and teach falsely.

I have come to the conclusion that I have paid an average of 500 Norwegian kroner (NOK) in contributions each month in the period January 1993 to January 2024. In total, it will be NOK 186,000. (500 x 12 months x 31 years) which is paid on an unbiblical basis. Lies, hypocrisy and false teaching are an unbiblical basis for paying monetary contributions to Jehovah’s witnesses.

Therefore, I demand my paid contributions over 31 years to be repaid in full. Jehovah’s witnesses headquartered are in the United States, so I demand that Jehovah’s witnesses pay 186,000 US Dollars (One Hundred and Eighty Six Thousand) for their lies, hypocrisy and false teachings for over 31 years that I have been associated with Jehovah’s witnesses.

Bank deposit interest and interest on late payment shall be calculated from January 1st 1993 and until payment is made. If I am entitled to other types of interest, these must also be added. The interest must be calculated in the country with the best interest rate, either the USA or Norway.

The first time I had contact with Jehovah’s witnesses was in June – October 1989 and had a short Bible study then.

1992 – 1992
In September 1992, I began a Bible study with Jehovah’s witnesses in Fredrikstad in Ostfold and baptized myself as a Jehovah’s witness on 16 January 1994 in Oslo convention hall. The power elite in Jehovah’s witnesses have exercised a highly reprehensible and unbiblical abuse of power, lies, hypocrisy and false teaching and behavior against me since 1989 until today. – Ecclesiastes 8:9

Jehovah’s witnesses: the most fragile belief system on earth, which does not stand up to question or to be examined in the light of the Bible, as I have done, when I have exposed Jehovah’s witnesses in lies, hypocrisy and false teaching. The teachings of Jehovah’s witnesses therefore do not measure up to the Bible, which is the norm by which a religion must be assessed. Proverbs 6:16-19 Matthew 7:15, 20 John 8:44, 47 1 Corinthians 4:6 2 John 9 Revelation 21:8. I cannot stand the lies, hypocrisy and false teachings of Jehovah’s witnesses who claim to be “the only true religion” on earth that Jehovah uses towards the people of the earth. I question the spiritual qualifications of the governing body and the elders.

The money is deposited into my account:
Transfer from abroad:
IBAN number:
The bank’s BIC address is:

If Jehovah’s witnesses governing body, you elders or anybody else mean that what I have written in this letter is wrong, then bear witness about the wrong. John 18:23

Trond Jacobsen (TJ)
Brother in Moss congregation

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