God’s spokesperson, Jehovah’s witnesses?

Jehovah’s witnesses governing body member Geoffrey W. Jackson lying under oath in Australia Royal Commission. There is no Biblical objection to taking an oath to tell the truth in court. 1 Timothy 5:24 Similarly, it makes sense to examine one’s religion carefully. (Watchtower, July 2013) Acts 17:11 Matthew 7:15, 20 Remember this governing body members: – Jehovah, Jesus and satan is watching you 24/7. Proverbs 6:16-19

What is the bible based mandate that Geoffrey W. Jackson in Jehovah’s witnesses governing body has when he was lying under oath in the Royal Commission in Australia? Where in the Bible and in Jehovah’s witnesses literature does it say that God uses other spokesperson than Jehovah’s witnesses? Isaiah 43:10 Jehovah’s witnesses governing body has one public doctrine and one internal doctrine about who is Jehova God’s spokesperson on earth. We must know who else in addition to Jehovah’s witnesses, God is using as spokespersons on earth today?

The question from the Australia Royal Commission was: (2:05) (Quote) Do you see yourself as Jehovah God’s spokespeople on earth? (End quote) Geoffrey W. Jackson’s shocking answer is: (Quote) It would be presumptuous of him to say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using. (End quote)

Jehovah’s witnesses governing body expose themselves not to be led by God, when they are so active in satan’s world, with lobbying, politics, use the mark of the beast (hand sign 666), use lamp crosses in Kingdom Hall in Moss in Norway, lies, shares in the arms industry, sex industry and other dark industries in satan’s world, use photo of PORN STAR PASCALE PETIT in our literature etc. If all this finds no biblical support, then it’s contrary to God’s will. Jehovah is aware of that jwpsa.com expose Jehovah’s witnesses governing body and the elders in lies, hypocrisy and false teachings. Jehovah’s witnesses create division with their many lies and God asks us to avoid those who create division. Romans 16:17 John 8:44 Revelation 21:8

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