The Cross and Jehovah’s witnesses

Isaiah 1:16 1 John 5:21 Revelation 18:4 Jehovah does not want us to use images or symbols in our worship. Jehovah’s witnesses governing body and the elders use the cross in worship as shown on the photo above. Since pagans used the cross to worship their gods, would Jesus’ disciples have used it in their worship of their God? On the contrary, they knew that God had long disapproved of worship using “the form of any symbol” and that Christians were to “flee from idolatry.” Exodus 20:4, 5 1 Corinthians 10:14 Mark 7:6, 7

Click on the photo above and see that the Endnote 15 confirms that Jehovah’s witnesses are not true christians when they still use the cross, which is a pagan symbol. Jehovah’s witnesses arrogantly refuses to remove it.
Click on the photo and read par 4, and see that Jehovah’s witnesses is not true christians, because they use the pagan symbol the cross.

​What Bible-based mandate does the governing body have to let the elders in the kingdom hall in Moss in Ostfold, Norway to use the cross that is hidden in lamp cross? Jehovah’s witnesses literature says that the cross is a pagan symbol. Why do you lie to the members and lead them astray? Jehovah does not approve that you use the cross in any form. In Jehovah’s eyes Jehovah’s witnesses governing body therefore do evil. If we blindly trust others, then we do not make our own sensible choices, but let others think and decide what to do. It is not wisdom to blindly trust others, no matter who they are.

Click on the photo and watch from 53:35. We see that Jehovah’s witnesses have fellowship with the Freemasons and honor the same cross and crown symbol.. Jehovah’s witnesses still use the cross today. Shame on you

1 Timothy 5:24 Similarly, it is wise to examine religion carefully. (Watchtower, July 2013) Acts 17:11 Matthew 7:15, 20 The Bible warns against trusting people. Psalm 146:3, 4 Isaiah 2:22 Because Jehovah’s witnesses still use the cross, they have not left Babylon the Great and are not Gods people according to Revelation 18:4 Did Jesus Die on a Cross?

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