Car attempted murder done by Janicke Hellan in Borg congregation in Sarpsborg, Norway – targeting Trond Jacobsen

Sister Janicke Hellan in jw Borg congregation in Sarpsborg City – car attempted murder targeting Trond Jacobsen on April 2nd, 2014.

Read the letter below and in this pdf file.

Janicke Hellan
Borg congregation
Sarpsborg City, Norway

Car attempted murder Wednesday 2nd April 2014 at the bus stop outside Kalaveien, 1743 Klavestadhaugen, Norway

Janicke Hellan is notified with this letter of a legal case against her regarding, your car attempted murder of me Trond Jacobsen on Wednesday 2 April 2014 at the bus stop in Kalaveien 60 (v/Alabaman, horse race track). See attached photos.

You saw me come running in Kalaveien and you decided to drive your whole car onto the pavement, because as you called it “you wanted to be a bit silly”. Being the victim of a car assassination attempt is nothing to be trifled with. I was really frightened by the way you drive and your disrespectful and worthless attitude towards a human life and towards me. REMEMBER that Jehovah knows what attitude you have towards me, so your car attempt to kill me Trond Jacobsen has possibly given you blood guilt in Jehovah’s eyes.

You are a disrespectful, irresponsible and dangerous driver. I don’t see you as a true Christian.

Copies of this letter have been sent to the Borg congregation and the branch office in Denmark. It is important that the population get to know the behavior and attitude of certain Jehovah’s witnesses towards fellow believers, so that they have a basis for making an informed choice when speaking with Jehovah’s witnesses. A copy is also published on the website You can find the letter by typing your name in the search field.

You are expected to respond in writing to this notice of legal action against you by the deadline set to Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

If you mean that any of what I have written in this letter is wrong, bear witness about the wrong. John 18:23

Trond Jacobsen (TJ)
Jehovah’s witness
Moss congregation

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